I received a credit note but have not received a refund. How come? We have sent you a credit note, but you have not received a refund?

We have sent you a credit note, but you have not received a refund?

There may be a number of reasons for this, below you will find a number of common reasons:

  • A change in account number: If you have changed the account number into which we must deposit the amount of your credit note and this change has been made within 3 days before this refund, we must first check whether we have registered the correct account number.


             What should you do?

            -  You don't have to do anything. Once the internal check has been carried out with us, you will receive your refund.

  • A different refund account: If the account used to pay your invoices is different from the refund account entered with us, the refund will be temporarily blocked.

             What should you do? You have two options:

             - You contact us to explain the situation

             - You change the bank account to which you wish to be reimbursed in the MyEnergyVision customer portal.

  • A current payment plan: Do you have a payment plan with us? In that case, the amount of the credit note will be used to settle the oldest or already expired installments of the plan, as stated in the confirmation letter of your repayment plan.

             What should you do? You do not need to take any steps: this amount will be settled automatically.

             - An outstanding invoice or invoices

             - Reminder letters or notice of default

             - External collction

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