What are the different types of electricity meters?

A total of 6 types of electricity meters are distinguished.

How do they differ from each other?

The single meter

  • The rate is always the same, whether you use electricity during the day or at night.

The dual meter

  • This has 2 counters. One counter shows your electricity consumption during the day, the other shows your electricity consumption at night and on weekends.

The exclusive night meter

  • This is used to calculate the consumption of your electric heating or boiler at night. It is always linked to a (single or double) main meter.

The triple meter

  • With this meter you pay less for the consumption of your storage heating at certain times of the day and night, thanks to different rates depending on the time of consumption.

The digital meter

  • This smart meter electronically records your electricity consumption and transmits it to the grid operator at regular intervals. It does the same with the amount of energy you inject into the grid, for example if you produce your own electricity with solar panels.

The budget meter

  • With this meter you pay in advance. Charging can be done via a charging point, a payment terminal in small businesses or via an app if you have a digital meter. For electricity, this can be a box that is placed next to the original mete

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